Multidisciplinary designer and artist interested in publication design, art direction and spatial design. Recently graduated from National College of Art & Design, Dublin, Ireland, with a BA International in Graphic Design. Open to commissions and collaborations. Currently based in Wicklow, Ireland.



BA International, Graphic Design
Sep 2016—2020
National College of Art and Design, Dublin

Erasmus exchange
Sep 2018—June 2019
BA, Graphic Design
ArtEZ, Arnhem, Netherlands


ITSD Membership, 2020


March 2020
The Yellow Box, NCAD
Online Instagram exhibition

Storytelling for Earthly Survival
Feb 2019
ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, Netherlands

De-Modernizing Design, Winter Sessions
June 2019
ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, Netherlands

Archive(ist), NIVAL
Feb 2018
National College of Art and Design, Dublin

First Year Show
May 2017
National College of Art and Design, Dublin

How to return to a state of less connectedness


installation, video, publication

Electronic technology has improved telecommunications and help connect people all over the world, but to what cost? Research has shown electro magnetic radiation is emitted through our electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and wifi routers. The long term effects of this radiation can only be speculated by scientists. But what if the effects are detrimental to our health and we cannot turn back? This project explores ways in which we can limit our electronic usage and return to a state of less connectedness.

Ineffable Beauty


Awarded ISTD membership

Publication exploring the concept of the innefable in aesthetics and religious experience.

The Cult of Productivity


digital campaign, video

The Cult of Productivity is a speculative self-help service that promises to maximise your life and achieve ultimate efficiency. The project is a critique of productivity and self-optimisation under late-capitalism. Using the tools of capitalism (advertising, marketing), The Cult of Productivity aims to educate people on the toxicity of the self-help industry and negative effects of neoliberal ideology.


Recent poster design work.

Finnegans Wake, James Joyce



A redesign of pages 466 to 492 of Finnegans Wake by James Joyce.